Cure Genital Warts

Although there are many products that claim to cure genital warts, there is no cure for the HPV viruses which cause the problem. The best that you can do, apart from trying to avoid contact with a carrier of the virus (and that is impossible to tell in the early stages), is to maintain a healthy immune system. This can be done most effectively by attention to your diet.

Beta carotene is known to help to boost your immune system, so increasing your intake of vegetables and fruit rich in that substance, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, turnip greens, etc., is very important. You should also try to avoid any caffeine and tobacco products, since they have negative impacts on the disease.

Products containing turmeric, lycopene, and echinacea are also said to help fight the human papilloma virus and as they also have other significant health benefits, they are worth trying.

cure genital warts

Fortunately there are treatments available that do help in curing genital warts. If you visit your doctor, they will usually laser treatment, freezing or even surgery. Whether you want to consider anything as radical as these treatments depends on the symptoms you are experiencing, and the severity of the warts. But for most people, a reliable homeopathic treatment such as Wartrol will deal with the problem quickly and discreetly.

This product uses 100% all natural ingredients that have been proven time-after-time to remove genital warts, and they have hundreds of testimonials to illustrate this. You can usually expect to see results beginning in three or four weeks, and the warts should have disappeared within four or five months, depending on the severity of the problem. Wartrol is a homeopathic product and is manufactured under the most stringent conditions, from all natural ingredients.

Many of the other over the counter treatments offered are based on salicylic acid. As the name suggests, the active ingredient is acidic and could burn your skin if not handled and applied very carefully. The skin in the area surrounding genital warts is obviously very sensitive. Also, if you have particular medical conditions these chemical-based treatments may not be appropriate for you.

If you are inclined to try some home remedies you have plenty of choice: from apple cider vinegar to duct tape, all of these genital warts cures have their adherents. It seems that some people try anything rather than go to a doctor or buy a proven cure. Whether they are rubbing a raw potato on the warts, or the juice of an onion; taping on a banana skin (sounds awkward to say the least!), or dabbing on tea tree oil, they all appear to have worked for someone at sometime.

Maybe you are tempted to have a go with one of these unconventional treatments - at least most of them are not going to do you any harm. But truthfully, we can't really recommend them. We advocate going for a safe, reliable and thoroughly tested product proven to cure genital warts. If this is of interest to you, check out the Wartrol website.

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