Genital Wart Medicine

Genital wart medicine is available both from a doctor in a prescription strength, and in the form of over-the-counter products. Either of these can be effective, and for many sufferers, the easy availability of commercial products, and the fact that they can be used discreetly in the home, without a potentially embarrassing visit to the doctor's office, makes these the first choice.

The genital wart medicine options available to the doctor are obviously much greater than those on sale over the counter. Some of the options available to the doctor are:

genital wart medicine

Keratolytics; such as products based on urea or salicylic acid, used to soften and exfoliate the skin. These have the drawback of sometimes causing irritation, or even burning of the skin. For the sensitive genital areas, this is not a good thing!

Interferons; these are natural proteins produced by the immune system. The product used for genital warts, Aldara, works to induce the production of these proteins. It is administered by injection directly into the site, by a qualified technician.

HPV vaccine; this is a more controversial means of treatment, and it is usually given to young girls from about 9 to 26-years-old, as a preventive measure for cervical cancer and HPV - the human papilloma virus that causes genital warts. The vaccine, GardasilĀ®, is given in three shots over six-months. The vaccine is not yet given to men, although it is possible that it will have beneficial effects. Studies on this are now in process.

But genital warts medicine doesn't only include prescription treatments. It also includes natural homeopathic remedies, home remedies, and over-the-counter (OTC)products.

Many people don't feel comfortable about going to their doctor for a full genital examination, with regular repeat visits for the administration of treatment. For these sufferers the alternative genital warts medicine treatment, and over-the-counter products are the preferred route.

Some of the most popular OTC products are the topical creams, but they can be messy to use and some of them, intended for use on the more general plantar warts, can be too strong for use in the genital area. There are also dozens of home remedies suggested, some of them work and others don't. The products used are numerous, and include onions, raw potatoes, banana skins, apple cider vinegar, green tea, olive oil, and...duct tape! In fact, certainly for non-genital warts and for skin tags and moles, some of these methods can be very effective. You can read more about these at Chris Gibson's wart and mole removal website.

Ultimately, our preference for a genital wart remover is the safe and reliable homeopathic treatment offered by Wartrol. It is probably the most popular product on the market, regarded as effective by over 92% of the people who use it. It is manufactured solely from natural ingredients and is registered with the FDA for the effective removal of genital warts. You can read more about it here: Genital Wart Medicine.

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