Genital Wart Remover

Once people are aware that they are suffering from genital warts, their first concern should be making sure that they do not pass on the problem to their partner. Next, their big worry will be how to treat their own problem and they start to look for some form of genital wart remover, or other treatment.

Genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and unfortunately, there is no cure for that. The warts are the visible symptom of HPV and they can be safely removed, but the sufferer will still be carrying the virus, and should be aware of that when considering sexual partners. Condoms should be used, as they will provide a degree of protection, but many warts will still be exposed and can transmit the virus. It should also be noted that some of the topical creams recommended by doctors can cause condoms to break. If you choose to use a cream, check with your doctor for any side-effects and other information.

genital wart remover

There are numerous products that claim to be effective in removing genital warts; some of them work, but most of them are not very effective. And a few of the more extreme suggestions for home remedies are even downright dangerous.

The first consideration for many people is their doctor, but when the nature of the problem is considered it is clear that it is potentially y embarrassing for both men and women to have to strip off and expose their genitals to a detailed examination. In reality, of course, the doctor in neither concerned, nor judgmental, but nevertheless, it is a worry that prevents many people from making an appointment.

Doctors do, of course, have many treatments available to them for the safe removal of genital warts but, as well as involving that potentially embarrassing visit that most people would rather avoid, their solutions are often physical including:

  • Cauterizing the warts (burning them off)
  • Freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery)
  • Ultrasound application (needs an operating room and trained technician)
  • Using laser treatment (can be difficult in the genital area).

Another option in your doctor's arsenal is the prescription Imiquimod cream, an immune response modifier. This boosts the sufferer's immune system and is used for skin cancers and other dermatological issues as well as against the human papilloma virus. Since all warts are caused by a virus, when you have warts, your body is suffering from that virus. This is mostly for smaller genital wart removal and there are reports that the morbidity and discomfort resulting from the treatment can be severe. You should also refrain from sex when you need to use this cream.

Another topical application that is often recommended by doctors is Podofilox. This is also a topical application and is applied directly to the warts. This is a very strong product and many people prefer having their doctor do the applications to make sure that the correct dosage is used. This product is in the FDA pregnancy category C and should not be used by pregnant women without the advice of their physician.

There are also lots of home remedies that are suggested, from covering the warts with duct tape to rubbing them with a potato or onion. Perhaps surprisingly, some of these remedies can be effective, although they are often more appropriate for warts in areas more accessible, and less sensitive, than the genitals. For more details on fast, effective home remedies read Chris Gibson's book, and see the videos of him featured on national television.

Ultimately, our preference for a genital wart remover is the safe and reliable homeopathic treatment offered by Wartrol. It is probably the most popular product on the market, regarded as effective by over 92% of the people who use it. It is manufactured solely from natural ingredients and is registered with the FDA for the effective removal of genital warts. You can read more about it here: Genital Wart Remover.

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