Treatment for Genital Warts

Unfortunately, there is no treatment that can completely eliminate genital warts once a person has been infected. Although outbreaks of genital warts will often become less frequent over time, as the body clears itself of the virus. In this case, the warts will disappear on their own. However, the infection stays with different people for different lengths of time so if genital warts are causing a problem, they should be dealt with right away, rather than just waiting for nature to take its course.

treatment for genital warts

If the sufferer from genital warts visits a doctor or a clinic, the medical professionals there have numerous methods of treatment, all of them designed for the safe removal of the warts.

The methods that they will consider using can include:

  • Cauterization of the warts (burning them off)
  • Cryosurgery - freezing them with liquid nitrogen
  • Using laser treatment
  • Surgical excision.

But, as a first line of attack, doctors will often prescribe a topical application such as Condylox. This a popular genital wart treatment that has the ability to destroy the warts through contact. It is usually applied by a medical professional the first time and then left to you to apply yourself at home. There are potential side-effects to this treatment, including irritating or even burning, the skin. As with any medication, it is recommended that you fully understand any side effects before agreeing to a course of treatment.

But most people suffering from genital warts look for a treatment that they can use without the embarrassment of visiting a doctor, hospital or clinic. While a professional opinion should always be sought if there is any pain or bleeding form the warts, a safe, homeopathic treatment can always be used to try to get rid of the problem.

There are numerous claims for all kinds of home remedies for getting rid of warts, but genital warts are obviously in a much more awkward and sensitive area and care needs to be taken with any self-administered treatment. We have found Wartrol to be a safe, reliable and effective treatment that can be used in the privacy of your own home.